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Remember kids, knowledge is power.

Have you seen Jaden's Smith's latest tweets?
"School is the tool to brainwash the youth."
"If everybody in the world dropped out of school, we would have a much more intelligent society."

He capitalized every word too, so it seems like someone didn't get enough school to learn proper grammar. But aside from that, is he really serious with this crap? What a spoiled, entitled brat. And because he's a person of color it's even worse. Oh, and I bet he thinks he got his movie roles on merit instead of nepotism too. It helps validate my dislike for him.

His daddy must be so proud. The child he raised has no appreciation for what he's got or any concept of reality.



Tonight, Sean asked me about TNT. Like any good chemist, I drew its molecular structure on his Magnadoodle and told him RDX was a more powerful explosive. I don't think that's quite what he had in mind when he asked...


Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby

Definitely better than I was expecting. A few of the songs seemed out of place, but most of them worked. Some of the visuals were subpar CGI, like the fireworks, the backgrounds the car scenes, and exterior shots of Gatsby's mansion. The scene with Leo and Toby is the car has really bad dubbing, it's painfully obvious too. I have to ask: "Did anyone watch it after they spliced the various camera shots together? Because it sucked!"

I thought Toby did a great job as Nick Caraway. Carey Mulligan and Elizabeth Debicki really impressed me. The casting overall was really good. The story had a good pace and kept me interested throughout. It felt like a decent adaptation of the novel to me (granted, I haven't read it in many years but w/e).
Mike and I watched the first 3 episodes of Breaking Bad last night. As a chemist, I wanted to like it, but the glaring inaccuracies drive me away. Add to that the fact that he's teaching college level (334) concepts to high school students...suspension of disbelief broken. Oh well, there's always House of Cards.

More MH

Since Tuesday, I'd been debating what pack to get for Marvel Heroes. As expected, they cut the size of the stash by 2/3, but they added storage tabs for each character. All to be purchased, of course. All free if you get the ultimate pack. So that swayed me enough to get the ultimate pack. Good thing, too. They nerfed Ironman into the ground during the last patch (so I hear) by lowering damage on his only viable skill and increasing mob health/damage. Suck. Hopefully, they'll fix that. Either way, I'll have all the characters at release. If one sucks, switching is easy.

Looks like the final leg of the closed beta will open tomorrow afternoon and continue until a few days prior to early start. Everything got wiped the other day, and I didn't have beta access for yesterday's session, so I missed out on 2000G. Mike tried out Captain America, who seems pretty decent. idk who else he got. I'd like to try out Ms. Marvel; she seems to be fairly well-rounded. Not sure who else. I'm just as inclined to wait for most of them since it'll all reset and I'll have them all later. Probably Scarlet Witch as my free one.

The Secret World, Marvel Heroes

I started playing The Secret World a few weeks ago. It has a lot of things going for it (the fact you can train in every skill, great voice acting/quest intros, most quests are repeatable), but some of the turn-offs keep me from enjoying it as much as I'd like. You can't rez other players, there's no reason to help others due to traditional mob-tapping mechanics, there's a massive learning curve regarding skills (nothing in-game points you toward the right synergies without doing a lot of out-of-game research), and the many solo instances discourage grouping. After the first zone, landscape enemies are fairly tough without a decent skill set. And while the game boasts many puzzle quests, they rely mostly on out-of-game knowledge -- like being able to translate Latin, looking up Bible passages, and decipering Morse code. Which makes it tedious, imo. The ones that use in-game clues instead are very well done, but unfortunately, there are much fewer of them. Getting around is also sort of annoying and unintuitive.

So I've been kind of meh about it. I have 90 hours played and keep replaying early zones because my character doesn't feel very strong. And that makes for a fairly boring experience.

In other news, to mark their availablility for pre-order on Steam this weekend, Marvel Heroes had one last beta weekend event before launch on June 4th. I didn't see it until Monday though, but fortunately, they extended it an extra day due to playability issues early on. So I got a day to fool around with it.

It's pretty much a Diablo 2 clone with multiplayer elements rather than a traditional MMO. Which is fine with me. It's free to play; at launch, you will be able to choose one of five starting heroes (Dardevil, Storm, Thing, Scarlet Witch, or Hawkeye). Others can be found or bought. You can switch between heroes you own anywhere and port around to places you've been easily, though I have a feeling that might be scaled back/down when the game goes live. Skill choice is a bit on the light side so every Storm will be built pretty much the same way.

The heroes seem varied enough to be fun no matter which you play. I played Black Widow and Ironman. While I enjoyed IM's mechanics more than BW's, both classes were really solid. Some of the charging animations look clunky, and though the graphics are nice zoomed in, you have to be zoomed out to play. I didn't find myself caring about the comic book cutscenes or the story. The open world area were fun, though the boss events require more zerg than actual strategy. Everyone who tags a mob gets credit and drops for the kill. If you die, anyone can come along and rez you.

It was decent enough for having played it a day. I'm definitely looking forward to it. What do you mean I can't play it more until next month? Why?? I definitely want IM, I'll have to check out the other characters and see who else I may want.

May. 10th, 2013

My lip tars came today. I tried out the neon pink one and wow, is it bright! Pictures really don't do it justice, though I will post some when I have all three to compare. They're really matte and the color lasts quite well, probably less so with gloss over the top. Not too much transfer either, which is something I've always hated, but most products that last leave my lips ultra dry and chapped. Wearing just the lip tar, I really can't tell I have anything on my lips. I'll try one of the other colors tomorrow with chapstick to see how it does. But as of now, I'm really loving these. I'll probably pick up a few more colors later this summer.

Liiiiiving for the gas!

It feels awkward posting another video so soon, but this is such an amazing, funny way to brighten up everyone's Friday. I couldn't resist!

PSA -- cancer insurance??

A door-to-door salesman came by tonight selling cancer insurance. It's a good thing Mike talked to him or I would've told him how full of shit he was. Cancer insurance? Really? Given the current state of anything-goes in the health insurance industry, what a scam. gtfo, damn carpetbaggers.

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